EZ2 Result Today: Hearing, Winning Numbers

Please see below the official EZ2 results today, Thursday, June 20, 2019.

This was was announced by the PCSO or the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office via the live draw shown on PTV 4.

Aside from this, you’ll also see our EZ2 hearing and lucky picks for the next draw!

Are you one of the lucky EZ2 winners today? Will you be taking home the lotto prize of P4,000? To find out, see the sets of 2 winning numbers below.

EZ2 Results Today, Hearing

EZ2 Results Today:
June 19, 2019

11 AM1323
4 PM1226
9 PM2721

If you didn’t win, don’t worry; you can try again. You might be in luck later or tomorrow!

To maximize your luck, make sure you scroll down to see our EZ2 hearing and lucky winning numbers below.

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EZ2 Hearing: Tips and Lucky Picks

Looking for EZ2 Hearing today or even for tomorrow? What 2 numbers should you bet on?

Our magic crystal ball is predicting these LUCKY NUMBER PICKS for tomorrow’s EZ2 draws. To finally see our EZ2 hearing winning numbers, see them below:

See Previous EZ2 Result

Don’t worry if you missed our recent coverage of the winning numbers and results for EZ2 because we have them for you. Who knows, maybe you won one of yesterday’s draws but you just didn’t know it!

To see the EZ2 winning numbers of another date, click:

How to Claim your EZ2 Lotto Prize

Nanalo ka ba? Congrats! Pa-burger ka naman!!!

You may claim your EZ2 cash prize — whether it’s the P4,000 EZ2 Standard Play jackpot prize or the P2,000 Rambolito prize — at any authorized lotto outlet or at the PCSO branch office near you.

But if your lotto prize winnings are more than P10,000, you will have to claim it at a PCSO branch office near you or at the PCSO Head Office at this address: Conservatory Building, 605 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City (Zip Code: 1552), Metro Manila, Philippines.

How to Play EZ2 Lotto

There are three (3) EZ2 lotto draws everyday: 11 AM / 4 PM / 9 PM. Each game play costs P12.00 and the draw is televised live over PTV 4.

To play EZ2, select two digits from one (1) to thirty-one (31). You’ll then end up with your bet of two digits. For example, you may choose “2-31” as your bet. Alternatively, you can play using the “Lucky Pick (LP)” and the terminal will just randomly pick for you your 2-digit bet.

If you got all two numbers in the exact order or sequence (for example, winning combination is “2-31”), then you win the Standard Play EZ2 jackpot lotto prize of P4,000!

(Take note: To win in the EZ2 Lotto, you must guess the right numbers in the EXACT ORDER!)

You may also want to play EZ2 Rambolito. All you need to do is select a 2-digit combination and then the terminal will automatically show all possible combinations of your chosen numbers.

All these different combinations represent the numbers that you will be betting on. This means that you will have a higher chance of winning! This is the reason why compared to EZ2 Standard Play, Rambolito results in a lower EZ2 jackpot lotto prize of P2,000.

How EZ2 Helps the Filipino People

Did you know that you help your fellow Filipinos each and every time you play EZ2?

That’s because EZ2 (and all the other lotto games that the PCSO holds) raises and provides funds for the Philippines’ charities, health programs, and various medical services!

You can see proof of this in the Mission Statement of the PCSO which states:

“To generate funds for health programs, medical assistance and services, and charities of national character through the conduct of charity sweepstakes races, lotteries, and other similar activities.”

Vision and Mission, Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO)

The funds that it gathers are given as contributions to government agencies such as the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), the Department of Agriculture (DA), the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), and many more.

To be more specific, you can find here some of the mandatory contributions that PCSO implements from its earnings off of EZ2, Swertres and all lotto games:

  • Php 1 billion Standby Fund for the PDEA’s operations and programs
    10% share on forfeited prizes to the Dangerous Drugs Board
  • 5% Lotto share of local government units (LGUs) from the Charity Fund
  • 10% of net income for the Crop Insurance Program
  • 10% of Charity Fund to the National Shelter Program
  • 1% of lotto gross sales to CHED
  • Php 50 million to the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples for the Ancestral Domain Find

So to everyone who plays EZ2: While we thank you for helping the Filipino people, please don’t forget to still play in moderation!

How to manage your lotto winnings from today’s EZ2 Results

In case you saw that the EZ2 results today revealed that you won, we hope you keep in mind that you MUST manage your money — or risk losing it all!

This is not an exaggeration. No matter how big or how small your jackpot prize winnings, you can lose it all in a heartbeat.

Don’t believe us? We have five (5) real-life examples of lotto winners who lost amounts ranging from P14 million to P705 million in just a short amount of time. Yes, kahit malapit na sa P1 billion na ang napanalunan ng isang tao, naubos pa rin!

One of these examples is Evelyn Adams. Believe it or not, she won the lotto not just once, but TWICE!

Napakaswerte, noh?

Source: Wikipedia

She won a total of more than P250 million back in 1985 but squandered it all by gambling. These days, she lives in a trailer park.

Napakamalas, noh?

Learn from her unfortunate story, together with 4 other sad lotto winner stories (including how a Filipino lost P14 million!), here: Lottery winners who are back in poverty — and what you can learn from them

The moral of this story is: If you see from the EZ2 results today (or any other lotto results, for that matter) that you won, don’t forget that your first task is to manage your lotto winnings, NOT to spend it. Because if you spend today, you won’t have any money to spend tomorrow!

How to Franchise a KENO Lotto Outlet

Do you want to operate a KENO Lotto Express branch instead?

PCSO’s Keno game is played every ten (10) minutes and allows players to choose how many numbers to play and how much money to bet. The jackpot prize for a Keno game can reach as much as P1 million.

To start your own Keno lotto outlet, you need to pay PCSO an application fee of P2,500. In addition, you have to shell out P10,000 installation fee and cash bond of P300,000 or Surety Bond in the amount of P700,000.

If you want more details about the Keno lotto application requirements, read our post How to Become a PCSO KENO Lotto Express Agent.

How to Become a PCSO Lotto Agent

Do you want to make money operating your own lotto station? Did you know that PCSO lotto agents earn 5% commission for every ticket sold in their branch?

The good news is, there is NO FRANCHISE FEE required for you to become a lotto agent! Yup, no franchise fee to pay. But that doesn’t mean you will not shell out any money at all. There are still installation fee, processing fee, and cash bond that you must pay to PCSO.

Interested to be a PCSO lotto agent? Click here for more complete details regarding How to Franchise a PCSO Lotto Outlet in the Philippines.

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